About Skill Shop

Skill Shop connects curious learners with skilled experts in their local area.

We believe that learning should be a lifelong pursuit, and that it’s done most effectively through human interaction. We’re on a mission to reclaim learning from the grips of internet tutorials, and create thousands of new expert/learner relationships across the UK.

Skill Shop is the place to meet the baker who’ll show you exactly how to knead your dough, the potter who’ll teach you to throw a bowl in two minutes flat, and the bike mechanic who’ll service your bike with you so you know how to do it in future. It’s a place of choice, appealing to those who know exactly what they’re looking for and those who just need some inspiration. It’s the home of ‘just give it a go!’ and ‘why not?’

For teachers, Skill Shop removes all barriers to entry and levels the playing field. No longer are they judged on the size of their classrooms or advertising budgets, but rather on the experience they’re able to provide. It’s as much a place for established teachers as for those giving it a go for the first time. All that’s required is knowledge and passion.

We’ve chosen to launch on the South Coast of the UK because this is where we live and we want to get to know our teachers personally. We’ll be spreading throughout the country over the next few months though, so if you’d like to teach or learn something new, no matter where you are, let us know!

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