A beginners guide to Adobe Photoshop

Emily, Bournemouth

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When you book a lesson Emily will be in touch to organise a suitable date and time.


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  • Is it any good?

  • If you’ve ever taken a picture that didn’t live up to your dreams, Emily is here to help you fix it! Providing a complete introduction to photoshop, from initial configuration to image perfection, you will learn how to tweak layers, levels and curves to make that so-so photo into something to be proud of.
  • Emily Melling has been using photoshop since she was let loose on a computer at school and it has been her faithful companion through photography studies,  a degree and now in her professional life as a designer and photographer.
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The Details

Suitable for everyone.

Yes, although it helps if you know your way round a computer to begin with!

Where does it take place.

Emily, will meet you in a friendly local cafe or any other place she can take her laptop.

How long does it last

2 hours

What should i bring?

No need to bring anything, Emily will provide you with a handy crib sheet with everything learnt to take home with you.

How many people?

One to one is best for focused learning, but up to three people are possible.

Anything else I should know?

Emily will introduce you to photoshop on her computer, but if you wish to continue with it there is an affordable plan from Adobe.

Booking a lesson

When you book a lesson with Emilly, she'll receive your email address and will be in touch to organise a suitable date and time.

If you'd like to ask us any questions just call: 020 3239 7466 or email team@skill-shop.com
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A beginners guide to Adobe Photoshop
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