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Dan, Southbourne, Dorset

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  • Have you always seen yourself as a front man? Spent hours playing air guitar in front of the mirror? Now’s the time to stop dreaming and start living the life you deserve. Dan’s contemporary guitar lessons are perfect for beginners looking to learn how to play their favourite songs. Dan will push you along the road to guitar hero status as quickly as he can, increasing the difficulty of each lesson according to how well you’re progressing. During this first introductory lesson, Dan will assess your natural ability and devise a programme tailored to your needs. Give it a go and see what you’re capable of!
  • Dan learnt the basics of guitar at school so he could play along to his favourite songs by Iron Maiden. He grew his hair long and envisaged a future as a rock metal soloist. Adult life forced him to cut his hair and take a job as an Insurance Broker, but he never gave up on his dream. While working 9-5, Dan progressed his guitar skills during evenings and weekends. Eventually, broking became too unfulfilling, and he decided to focus purely on the music. He now teaches guitar full-time and plays lead guitar with local band, Xander and the Keys.
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The Details

Is this suitable for everyone?

Dan’s lessons are suitable for beginner or intermediate guitarists.

Where does it take place?

Dan will travel to you, as long you’re in the Bournemouth/Christchurch area.

How long does it last?

This introductory lesson is one hour long.

What should I bring?

A guitar! Let Dan know whether you’d like to learn acoustic or electric guitar before the lesson begins.

How many people per class?

These sessions are one on one.

Anything else I should know?

Dan will adapt his lessons to suit you, so if you have a particularly song you’d like to learn, let him know beforehand so he can work out the best way to teach it.

Booking a lesson

When you book a lesson with Dan, he'll receive your email address and will be in touch to organise a suitable date and time.

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