A Dorset Charcuterie Meat Masterclass

Lee, Lytchett Matravers, Dorset

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Full Day Butchery - Why does this cost £1,000?

For a Full Day Butchery course Lee will source and butcher a whole pig, this isn't cheap!

Lee can accommodate up to ten people on these courses so they're perfect for big groups who want to split the cost or for events and special occasions.

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  • Charcuterie tasting (£15pp) 1 hours

    Everything you ever wanted to know about charcuterie, from how it’s made to how it should be served. You’ll sample different cuts Dorset’s finest cured meats as Lee explains what goes into creating the complex flavour notes of each. You’ll learn how to slice the meat to give the best experience, and will leave with a small selection to take home.

    Full day butchery (minimum 10 people, £100pp)

    We all know that sausages and bacon come from pigs, but have you ever wondered how they’re really made? Starting with a full pig, Lee will teach you how to butcher the animal, and which parts make what. Once you’ve learnt how to prepare the meat, you’ll make a string of sausages to take home. Warning, this is not for the faint-hearted!
  • While working for a local company that produced premium smoked meat hampers, Lee realised that, despite the fact that all other meats were delivered by UK suppliers, the charcuterie was always shipped in from Spain. Keen to show that Britain is capable of producing smoked and air dried meats that can rival Europe’s best, he and a friend applied for a grant through the Prince’s Trust and set up The Dorset Charcuterie Company. Lee is passionate about the whole process, from slaughtering home reared pigs to butchering and curing, and even once gave a lesson to Jamie Oliver when appearing on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.
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The Details

Is this suitable for everyone?

Yes, but probably not recommended for those who are squeamish or vegetarian. 

Where does it take place?

Lee runs these lessons from The Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne. More information will be provided once you've booked the lesson.

How long does it last?

A full day. 

What should I bring? 

Wear clothes that you aren't precious about, or bring an apron.

How many people per class?

It depends on how many friends you want to bring, but Lee recommends a 10 person maximum. 

Anything else I should know?

Whether you split the cost between friends or want to treat your family to a lesson in one of the most ancient skills, this booking must be made as a whole.
Once you've butchered the pig, you'll be able to take as much meat home with you as you can carry.


Booking a lesson

When you book a lesson with Lee, he'll receive your email address and will be in touch to organise a suitable date and time.

If you'd like to ask us any questions just call: 020 3239 7466 or email team@skill-shop.com

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A Dorset Charcuterie Meat Masterclass
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